Control Engineer
  • MARVEL InfoTech, Inc.
37 Days Ago
Lakewood-NY, Rocky Point-NY
5-20 Years
Job Description

Job Title: Control Engineer

Location: Rocky Mount, NC & Lakewood NY

Experience: 5-10 Years


Primary Responsibilities:

  • Assist in developing and designing control systems.
  • Aid in the development and execution of bench tests.
  • Modify software and equipment to ensure proper functioning of sensors and actuators.
  • Provide support and troubleshooting for basic issues and change requests.
  • Assist in preparing cost estimates, compiling necessary cost and equipment information, and drafting appropriation requests.
  • Investigate project problems and requirements, develop solution plans in alignment with economic, personnel, and environmental considerations for review by more experienced Controls Engineers or Controls Engineering Manager.
  • Potentially oversee the installation and technical support of Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) based hardware and software.

Key Competencies:

  • Collaboration: Building partnerships and working collaboratively to achieve shared objectives.
  • Effective Communication: Developing and delivering communications that convey a clear understanding to diverse audiences.
  • Controls Engineering Knowledge: Applying controls hardware and software application by specifying, reviewing, and approving designs for new or upgrades to existing equipment.
  • Controls Networking: Implementing technologies to transfer information within local production processes or into databases for operational enhancements.
  • Controls Safety: Recognizing and addressing controls-related hazards in manufacturing environments to ensure safety protocols.
  • Electrical System Troubleshooting: Analyzing electrical control systems to resolve issues and restore proper operation.
  • Factory Automation and Control Systems: Implementing changes to automate manufacturing processes using technology and programming techniques.
  • Manufacturing Analysis Led Design: Using digital tools to model and simulate manufacturing processes, equipment, and performance for data-driven decisions and continuous improvement.
  • Manufacturing Prognostics: Applying prognostics techniques to predict and prevent equipment downtime.
  • Controls System Security: Developing and implementing control system security measures to ensure manufacturing controls and systems are secure.
  • Sensor Technology and Measurement: Selecting and applying sensor technology for accurate measurements and analysis.


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