Salesforce Marketing and Data Cloud Consultant
  • Grace Hire
25 Days Ago
65-70 per Hourly
10-7 Years
Job Description

As a Salesforce Data Cloud Consultant with a focus on data segmentation and Salesforce Marketing Cloud, you will play a pivotal role in our team. You will work closely with clients to understand their data needs, segment data effectively, and create email templates to enhance their marketing and communication efforts. Your expertise in both data and marketing technology will be essential in delivering comprehensive solutions.

 Key Responsibilities:

Collaborate with clients to understand their data segmentation and marketing requirements.
Utilize Salesforce Data Cloud to segment and categorize data based on client-specific criteria.
Develop and implement data segmentation strategies to optimize marketing campaigns, targeting, and lead nurturing.
Create and customize email templates in the Salesforce Marketing Cloud to align with client’s branding and messaging.
Work closely with cross-functional teams to ensure seamless integration of segmented data and email templates.
Provide expertise in data hygiene and quality to maintain high standards for data accuracy and consistency.
Develop and manage email marketing campaigns using Salesforce Marketing Cloud.
Create reports and dashboards to track and visualize the effectiveness of data segmentation and email campaigns.

6+ years’ experience in salesforce projects  and 2+ years of hands-on experience on Salesforce Marketing Cloud (Email Studio, Journey Builder, Einstein, Automation studio etc.)
Ability to debug performance issues, both at the client layer and platform layer
Experience with creating dynamic HTML Emails, Templates, Landing Pages, and reusable content blocks in MC using HTML, CSS, and JQuery
Familiar with AMPscript and SSJS
Experience in Journey setup end to end and with good understanding of available types of Journey.
Understanding of systems architecture and ability to design scalable performance-driven solutions.
Understanding of key design patterns and large data volume limitations and best practices
Understanding of data sharing and visibility considerations and how these play into platform architecture
Familiarity with SQL and Javascript
Knowledge of data integration tools and experience integrating with other Salesforce clouds
Experience with platform security capabilities (TLS, SSL)
Active Salesforce certifications
Preferred Salesforce certifications
Salesforce Marketing Cloud Consultant
Salesforce Marketing Cloud Developer
Nice to have
Salesforce Marketing Cloud Administrator
Salesforce Data Cloud Accreditation
Salesforce Marketing Cloud Personalization Accreditation"


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